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During the pandemic, I have been following the government’s guidelines closely regarding Social Distancing and how we can keep each other safe on a daily basis.

I have continued to see clients very successfully throughout the pandemic online via Zoom, with amazing results for the duration of the 13 months I have seen clients online only.

As of April 19th 2021 I am going to be running my clinic as a ‘Blended clinic’ offering both Online and InPerson face to face hypnotherapy in my clinic.

For those clients who wish to continue seeing me Online, they can continue to do so, as it is effective, convenient and reduces their exposure to Covid-19.

For those clients who wish to see me In Person in my clinic, I have put in place the required protocols which will enable me to reduce the risks as much as I possibly can for us both.

You will be asked to complete a risk assessment form 24 hours prior to attending in person.  To complete this, please click on the following button:

The following details are for your information, to keep you fully informed of the steps that I am taking to ensure I am Covid Compliant and to help keep us both mutually safe during this time.

  • Please arrive on time for your appointment.
  • When you arrive, please message me to let me know you have arrived so I can open the gates and let you onto the premises.
  • On your arrival, please wait in your car until your appointment time, if it is your first visit I will come and collect you to show you where to come, subsequent visits I will message you to tell you when you may come in.
  • Please leave any unnecessary items, such as bags and coats in your car.
  • You will be required to wear a face mask on entering the therapy room (I will provide one if you do not have your own.)
  • Hand Sanitiser will be readily available for you to use on arrival and before you leave.
  • I will ask you to adhere to current social distancing guidelines.
  • I am allowing an hour between clients to fully clean the clinic area and allow full ventilation of the room, to do so I will keep appointments strictly to time to ensure that I have sufficient time to prepare for my next client.
  • Please note if you are late for your appointment, your appointment will only be available for the allotted time. I will not overrun.
  • I will be using disposable covers for the clinic bed. All used covers will be removed, and the area sanitised between appointments.
  • Please bring your own water as refreshments will not be provided.
  • The toilet will not be available.
  • A Covid form will be sent 24 hours before for your in-person session to read and complete, without this I will not be able to see you.
  • Payment is in advance on booking of your sessions via my online booking system unless by prior agreement by online banking.

I have written an in-depth risk assessment for my clinic, I am the only therapist to use the space and ensure that the cleaning down protocol between clients is followed, including ventilating the area and spacing out client appointments to allow for cleaning, ventilation and reduced the risk of clients coming into contact with another client.

Whilst I cannot 100% eliminate the risk of Covid-19 exposure to clients who attend, anyone who is clinically vulnerable is encouraged to continue with online hypnotherapy rather than attend in person to completly reduce their risk.

Online Hypnotherapy works as well as face to face, and there is evidence to support this: It has been found to be effective for low mood, anxiety, stress, PTSD, phobias, relationship issues, adjustment issues, and grief. (Journal of Affective Disorders, 2013). A University of Zurich study found that online therapy was more effective for clients with depression than face-to-face therapy.

Having sessions online during this period of social distancing and isolation when we are all having to adjust to the new normal, make changes we didn’t anticipate and grieve for our former lives, perhaps experiencing anxiety and stress we’ve not experienced before or even finding our symptoms exacerbated, could be massively beneficial.

During this period of uncertainty and potentially stress and worry, Hypnotherapy can be very beneficial to help clients to cope with growing concerns, and the clients I have been helping throughout this time have found it extremely beneficial to help reduce their anxieties, sleep better and cope with this unusual time in our lives.

Hypnotherapy, specifically Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, which I practise here at Aughton Hypnotherapy, is a combination of Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy.

There is some talking (not about the past, focusing on the future and positive things) and then the Hypnotherapy (some deep relaxation). Whether it occurs face to face or online via video link, it is always evidence-based practice.

I draw from Neuroscience to help explain what your brain is doing and why, so you learn how to cope with what is causing you issues.

BBC News recently posted an article you may find of interest about how to protect your mental health during the Covid-19 crisis:

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