Aughton Hypnotherapy

Aughton Hypnotherapy

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Here at Aughton Hypnotherapy, we work quite quickly, you can expect to see results within 8-12 sessions.

General Hypnotherapy sessions last no more than 1 hour and you can expect the first half to be the Psychotherapy (the talking) part and the 2nd half to be the Hypnotherapy part.

Phobias generally take a minimum of 4 hour-long sessions inclusive of the initial consultation, however how many sessions you need will be determined at your first session, and a general recommendation will be made.

Initial Consultations are free of charge and take no more than 1 hour.
This is history-taking and opportunity for me to determine how I can help you move forward and explain how the Hypnotherapy will work for you.
No hypnotherapy occurs during this session.
All clients (With the exception of Stop Smoking Clients) require an Initial Consultation prior to treatment.

Hypnotherapy is £60 per session and last no more than an hour.

Stop Smoking is a stand-alone 2-hour session – £150
During this session, a full history is taken regarding your smoking habit and discussion around why you want to give up and how hypnotherapy will help you to quit. Hypnotherapy reinforces the session and encourages you to break the habit.

Discounts offered for Public Sector Staff. please contact me for further details.

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