Aughton Hypnotherapy

Aughton Hypnotherapy

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Hypnotherapy in Person

Here in Aughton Hypnotherapy, I like to maintain a peaceful but relaxed and friendly clinic setting. My sessions in person last 50 minutes and during which I use a combination of Psychotherapy (talking therapy) and hypnotherapy to help you to achieve the goals you want, small changes which will add up to a bigger change perhaps you are seeking.

Set in a semi-rural setting my clinic encourages clients to relax and feel comfortable and ready for the sessions from the moment they arrive.

The hypnotherapy itself is very easy to contrive, you do it numerous times each day: whilst driving the car, or watching TV. When in the clinic we are merely looking for a daydream state: you are going to enjoy a lovely relaxation where your brain gets the much-needed downtime it deserves!

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