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With the average packet of 20 cigs now costing around £10, the average smoker is spending around £300 a month on cigs, that’s nearly £4000 a year!

What could you do with that money instead?

What about the health benefits we all know would help you during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Hypnotherapy for stopping smoking “seems to enjoy a greater success rate than any other method in helping people stop smoking” (New Scientist magazine study 1992)

So what does my session entail?

The Stop Smoking session is a stand-alone Hypnotherapy session which is a 90 min to 2-hour session – Online £180/ In-Person £200

A week or so before your session, I send over a ‘Prep sheet’ for you to read and a track for you to listen to every night before you go to sleep.

It is very important you do listen to the track as this will help the process immensely.

During the session, I ask some questions about you, your smoking and your life so I can explain how your habit has formed and how best to address it in respects to giving it up. Because to give up successfully you have to want to change some certain aspects around your smoking habit.

I must highlight here that the process is not to make you give up smoking but to assist you with you breaking your habit. During your session, I explain how habits are formed and how we come to develop a reliance on cigarettes/vaping, how addictions are formed and encouraged within the thought patterns we have and the behaviours we develop over time.

I will then go on to explain about your brain and that smoking is not just the addiction, but also the habit formed within the brain and how Hypnotherapy helps you to break the habit formed.

There is, unfortunately, no magic wand here. You have to want to give up in order for this to work. I will be assisting you in the process of breaking your habit during the hypnotherapy.

Then there is the Hypnotherapy, which helps to embed the changes you want to make, encouraging your subconscious mind to make those changes you want to happen, reinforcing them.

This session is delivered either face to face in my clinic or online, both are equally effective and the success depend entirely upon how much you wish to stop smoking.

The track is then yours to continue to listen to should you wish to after the session has ended and you are now a non-smoker.

If you would like to book your session, or have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

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